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Therapy With Maz

One-to-one therapy sessions in a homely confidential space.

You don't have to go it alone.

"Owning your story can be hard, but not nearly as difficult as spending your life running from it"
Brene Brown

Marianne Lownsborough

Qualified Integrative Relational Psychotherapist.

Member of UKCP
(United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)

Member of SCPTI
(Scarborough Institute for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Based in Pocklington near York. YO42 2NE
Working together we explore your thoughts, feelings, images, body sensations and behaviours to gain awareness of how your life experiences are affecting you today.  With this awareness we can help you gain greater self-compassion and acceptance giving you increased confidence in yourself and in your future.   
I see clients at my home in Pocklington or when necessary, I work over the phone.    Contact me for a free initial consultation to explore if us working together seems right for you.
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